Business Broking

Of the over 5000 clients we service, some wish to retire, some want to relocate; others hope to attract successors – the reasons why people move on in life tend to vary greatly. Over and above these types of requests, we also receive enquiries as to whether we are aware of people wanting to sell their businesses or of investment opportunities.

To cater for these requests, FCS has introduced a centralized service at the Windhoek branch, under the auspices of Harald Hecht, to co-ordinate the different requests and to connect willing buyers with willing sellers, thereby adding value to the FCS business family and all of our clients.

The majority of these clients are often concerned about their staff hearing of the potential sale before a serious proposition has been made.

Clients therefore request us to sell their business on their behalf but not to advertise the business publicly or make their intention known to any other persons.

At FCS, we exercise the greatest possible discretion before introducing seller and prospective buyers. Generally, we will establish an objective estimated value of the business for sale beforehand, clear the estimated selling value with the Seller, then check the financial capabilities of the buyer before making an introduction.

Apart from arranging the introduction of buyer and seller, we believe that we are best qualified to guide the parties through the tax minefield and properly advise on the required in order to facilitate a perfect take-over to the satisfaction of all.

Through our professional network we will also arrange the necessary legal documentation to be drafted and review same to achieve desired tax effects.

Should you be interested in buying or selling a business, then please contact Mr Harald Hecht at our Windhoek branch.

Mr Harald Hecht can be reached on:

061 – 387800 or at .