PCT 04 – PAPAS: Administration

Course Presenter: Alta Engelbrecht

Duration: 3 hours

Maximum Attendees: 12

Course Level: Beginner

Costs: (FCS Clients, NIPA, ICAN) Not applicable

Costs: (all others) Not applicable

Aimed at:  FCS staff only: PAPAS users; company secretarial staff.

This presentation explains the functionalities of the database and secretarial / tax functionalities of PAPAS:

  1. Setting up a company, users, password and other templates;
  2. Setting up annual tax tables, Annual Duty rates, VAT categories and rates;
  3. Using Client relationship Module, task scheduling, KYC detail & risk ratings of clients;
  4. Creating / importing clients & client groups, engagement letters and details;
  5. Bulk handling of Provisional tax, Annual Duty, Extensions of time, letters to clients & more;
  6. Bulk invoicing / Bulk forms printing, bulk invoicing options and different groupings;
  7. Company / CC secretarial records, details & reports;
  8. Tax report extraction – submission control, balances, pending objections & more;
  9. Tracking of pending documents.