COL 04 –  Understanding Trusts

Course Presenter: L. Rautenbach/J-P. Kouwenhoven

Duration: 8 hours

Maximum Attendees: 30

Course Level: Beginners/Intermediate

Costs: (FCS Clients, NIPA, ICAN) Not presented in 2019

Costs: (all others) Not presented in 2019

Aimed at: Trustees; Founders and Beneficiaries of Trusts; Financial Managers and Accountants.

To have a trust has become fashionable – but does it serve it’s purpose? What exactly is a Trust and what needs to be considered? The presentation aims at explaining the different types of trust used most commonly, how a trust is constituted and what are the common pitfalls.

  1. Types of Trust explained: Testamentary trust, inter vivos trusts, discretionary and endowment trusts, business and special trusts such as bewind trusts.
  2. When to use a Trust
  3. The Trust Deed: What it must contain and why ‘generic’ deeds are not recommended;
  4. The founder, trustee and beneficiary – roles and responsibilities;
  5. Authority of Trustees and the Turquand rule;
  6. Resolutions and administration;
  7. Removal / resignation of Trustees;
  8. Master of the High Court.