Account enquiries

We appreciate that clients will not at all times concur with the billing they receive from us.

In line with our policy of full transparency we welcome your enquiry should anything be unclear.

Please also check the rates charged with our publicly displayed rates under the “Our Fees” section on this site.
In the rare instance where our fees are queried, this is mostly an underestimation of the time spent to perform
certain work. For example, for a Nil return for VAT we would charge N$ 200 – this covers not only
entering a zero on the return, but also keeping systematic control that the return is actually submitted, the
return must be taken to Inland Revenue & stamped, the return must be copied and filed – after all, we
reckon it is a small price to pay, considering that we also carry the risk of paying a penalty of N$ 100 / day if
we fail to act in accordance with our engagement agreement. Our invoices normally carry only a very
condensed narration of the work performed, but we will gladly issue you with a detailed report of how these
charges are calculated.

Please send your enquiry electronically to our Office administrators at the correct branch that has done the
billing, at either, or .