Remuneration & Benefits

We are a people orientated business and place a high value on making life at work as comfortable as possible for all our staff. In our industry, we provide above average remuneration packages compared to salary surveys conducted periodically by the accounting Institutes in Namibia. In addition to your cash remuneration you may expect the following:

Pension Fund – 7.5% of your basic salary contributed by each of FCS and yourself to an independently managed fund;

Medical Aid Fund – Compulsory for all staff, but at no cost to yourself.  Options are available to add dependents or to upgrade to a higher scheme.

Disability benefits – Should you become unable to work, you will receive a disability allowance to date of retirement when your pension fund will take over. FCS carries all insurance costs, no contribution from your side.

Death benefit – In the event of your untimely death, a lump-sum is paid to your estate or nominated beneficiaries. FCS carries all insurance costs, no contribution from your side.

Refreshments – Our staff can individually choose which non-alcoholic drinks FCS should supply, for consumption in office at any time.

Flexi-time – We work a 40 hours week – you choose when you would like to be at work and fix your hours accordingly. This provides the flexibility to adapt working hours to fall in line with your personal requirements. Core hours exist and the limitations imposed by the Labour Act apply.

Time-off – You want to take a short break but don’t want to touch your leave? No problem, we allow the working in of up to 40 hours so you can take-off later.

Leave – Depending on your length of service with us, your annual leave entitlement varies from 20 to 25 working days per annum. Leave must be taken at the latest within 3 months after your annual entitlement has accumulated, otherwise you will be sent on leave.

Bonus – A discretionary bonus is normally paid in your birthday month. Productivity based bonuses are available for managers.

Long-service awards – Fancy some time off with your better half, on company expense and on extra leave days? Have a long weekend at a lodge in Namibia, a week on an island in the Indian Ocean or a two week trip to Europe – stay with us for 10, 15 or 20 years.

Study benefits – We support studies which are in our line of business. FCS pays for all study fees, a 50% subsidy towards your prescribed books and in addition provides study leave in addition to your annual leave entitlement.