At FCS all staff are treated equally and we subscribe to fair labour practice. We have a number of staff policies that guide us in this process. These policies are only implemented once all staff have had the opportunity to comment. Our policies are not designed to police the workplace, but rather to establish a fair set of rules that is applicable to everybody. We also have an Employment Equity Committee which has been elected by staff across the various branches. The mandate of this committee is to ensure that staff is treated equally and that all disputes (if any) are resolved in a fair manner.

Work environment
We try to keep our working environment free of office politics, backstabbing and deceitful conduct – staff are encouraged to speak freely without fear of victimisation. Two non-negotiable principles are used to guide us, namely the maintenance of a good working atmosphere and confidentiality at all times – everything else is negotiable.

We allow our team to dress in smart casual clothing as we believe that formal clothing and suits tend to stifle staff productivity. On Fridays we have a casual day where staff are allowed to wear jeans – albeit still looking smart.