COL05 – Implementing Corporate Governance

Course Presenter: F.H. Moormann

Duration: 11 hrs

Maximum Attendees: 30

Course Level: Advanced

Costs: (FCS Clients, NIPA, ICAN) Price on request

Costs: (all others) Price on request

Who should attend? Directors of Companies; Professional Accountants.

Note: No fixed dates are set in our training calendar; we offer this topic only on demand.


This presentation revolves around all Corporate Governance issues, board committees, the balancing of executive powers within a company, reporting structures, authority levels and numerous other facets as recommended by the King III report.

Ideal for larger companies, this presentation is offered as a tailor-made package which involves some interaction between us and the company ahead of time to focus on specific areas of concern. The presentation can also be delivered as a general presentation to an audience from different entities.

  1. How a company is constituted, Memorandum and Articles of Association, formation of different types of companies;
  2. The role of shareholders, external auditors, internal auditors and directors; fiduciary and other duties of directors, personal liability risk of directors, executive and non-executive directors;
  3. Background and origin of the “Corporate Governance” concept;
  4. King’s Report III: Corporate citizenship and ethics; Directors, Boards and their subcommittees; Audit, Nomination, Risk, Remuneration and other committees; Governing stakeholder relationships; Integrated reporting and disclosure.