LEG 04 – Legal Bits: Financial

Course Presenter: L. Rautenbach

Duration: 5 hours

Maximum Attendees: 30

Course Level: Intermediate

Costs: (FCS Clients, NIPA, ICAN) N$ 1,400.00

Costs: (all others) N$ 2,110.00

Aimed at: Financial managers; accountants; senior bookkeepers; trainees.

  1. Foreign Investment Act – Status Investments, trades prohibited for foreigners, foreign exchange regulations, EPZ status;
  2. Customs Duties & Excise – the Tariffs, proper codification of goods, calculation of duties, infant industry protection, excise duties explained;
  3. Other levies – Casino & Gambling Houses Act, Agronomy Industry Act, Sea Fisheries Act, Export levy;
  4. Stamp Duties Act – what attracts stamp duties, the rates, effect of non-compliance;
  5. Usury Act – the limitations imposed on interest charges and workings of the in-duplum rule;
  6. Financial Intelligence Act – KYC procedures required under the act;
  7. Second Hand Goods Act – Certificates required & validity, procedures and affected persons.