ITX 02 – Advanced Taxation – INCOME

Course Presenter: L. Rautenbach

Course Duration:   5 hours

Maximum Attendees: 20

Course Level: Advanced

Costs: (FCS Clients, NIPA, ICAN) N$ 1, 925.00

Costs: (all others) N$ 2,800.00

Aimed at: Practising Accountants and Auditors; Audit Managers; Senior Accountants; Senior Tax Compliance Officers.

The course is very technical and deals inter alia with an in-depth detailed analysis of the definition of Gross income as per the Income Tax Act, with reference to a host of decided Court Cases.

Specific areas addressed include:

      1. When will an amount received by or accrued to a taxpayer be included in taxable income?
      2. What constitutes an amount where the value is disputed?
      3. The source principle – how does it work, cross-border operations and when is an amount taxable in Namibia?
      4. What are the requirements before an amount qualifies as an amount of a capital nature?
      5. When are deposits to be taxed in the year received?
      6. Damages & Compensation – when do receipts constitute income?
      7. Exempt income