Company Profile


Company information

FCS is one of the largest accounting firms in Namibia with no ties to any of the Big 4 international accounting firms. Established in 1994, FCS has become known for sound business and taxation advice, quality financial reports and efficient, personal service delivery. Trusted by over 5000 clients, FCS has built a reputation for transparency, openness and applying the highest ethical standards

Our offices of 3700 square metres are housed in properties owned by the FCS group, with branches in Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and Windhoek. Our staff complement includes 21 graduates holding at least one formal university degree and a further 5 Chartered Accountants.

FCS is a Company registered with the Namibian Ministry of Trade & Industry; our Head Office is situated at 3 Kerby Street, Windhoek.

Our Vision

We aim to be the leading professional business advisory firm in Namibia.

Our Mission

In our field, to be the service provider of choice, by consistently delivering quality work exceeding stakeholder expectations and adding value to their business; creating and maintaining a long-lasting personal client relationship based on total mutual honesty, trust and respect; and to stay the employer of choice for our biggest asset, our people.

Our Values

    • We are Passionate about everything we do;
    • We will apply the Highest Ethical Standards in dealing with our clients, authorities, users of our products and with one another;
    • We consistently strive for Quality Service Delivery;
    • We do not tolerate ambiguity, half-truths or dishonesty – we advocate Full Transparency and complete Openness in all our dealings;
    • We treat each other with Honesty, Respect, Fairness and Equality, in absolute Confidentiality;
    • We are a Client Centric organization and we believe that all clients are equally important;
    • We will Conform to all applicable legislation, accounting and other standards; and ensure that our work is of the highest possible quality feasible;
    • We will at all times maintain our Independence and Unbiased Objectivity;
    • We believe that relationships can only flourish where Open Communication exists. We build Relationships with our clients, and want to be perceived as helpful partners rather than a necessary evil;
    • We believe that a business works best if it is supported by Teamwork, amongst our staff as well as amongst our clients;
    • We believe that our People are our Biggest Asset and we will encourage each one to continuously grow and develop their knowledge and qualifications; We will accomplish this by creating an environment where learning and sharing is actively supported;
    • We believe that clients and staff should always Feel At Home with us; we have no ambition to project a superficial image;
    • And finally – we do things because we want to not because we have to…


The firm is managed by its 14 active directors, all of which are registered as practitioners with the Namibia Institute of Professional Accountants (NIPA); with the ultimate responsibility resting on the CEO.

Each branch is led by an Executive Director, supported by the other local directors and an employment equity committee elected by staff. We employ an interactive, consultative management style.

Market Sectors

Our clients hail from all walks of life and are active in the following market sectors:

    • Agriculture and Farming – from Olive Plantations to Cattle breeding;
    • Construction – from residential homes to specialized marine engineering;
    • Estates and Administration – from deceased’s estates to curatorship’s;
    • Fishing Industry – from trawling operations and fishing factories to fish dealers;
    • Health Services and Practitioners – from medical doctors and pharmacies to chiropractors;
    • Legal Practitioners – from attorneys to advocates;
    • Manufacturing –  from polystyrene products, garment manufacture and packaging materials to manufacturers of floor tiles;
    • Mining (non diamond) – from marble and granite to semi-precious gems;
    • NGO’s – of any description, ecclesiastical organizations and local schools;
    • Retail and service industry – the full spectrum;
    • Tourism and leisure – from hotels and lodges  / guest houses to tour operators and the entertainment industry;
    • Wholesale – businesses of any description;

Client risk

We employ a client rating system to evaluate the risk or potential risk to ourselves. We subscribe to high standards and accordingly do not take on clients that approach us with improper requests, nor do wish to be associated with clients of doubtful repute.

FCS has a broad client mix and if we were to lose our top 100 clients all at once, we would sacrifice only 11% of our turnover. This gives us the peace of mind to be absolutely independent and stand by our opinions and views.